How to be a winner in your life

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“I want to move, but I need to have a job in the new city first.” “I want a relationship, and I’ll get one as soon as I lose ten pounds.” “I’ll pursue my passion, as soon as I have enough money in the bank.”
Again and again I hear my clients stifle their dreams before the dreams are even fully imagined. Seemingly insurmountable road blocks and obstacles extinguish all hope until what is desired becomes a meaningless and feeble wish. They have lost before they have even begun to play the game.
Dreams are just wishes if you do not take action. Receiving your dream life starts with movement. Big or small doesn’t matter, as long as it is movement.
Life is like a board game. Roll the dice. Move forward. Act on chances that come your way. Roll again. Move a few steps forward. Move a few steps back. Not everything needs to be in place before you get started. You don’t need to have a fully baked plan before taking action. You only need to know which way you are headed, not the whole picture, to begin moving.
When my husband and I moved to Mexico last year, everyone thought we had taken one big leap at one point in time.
My husband was very rooted back in Illinois. The thought of leaving was not easy for him. Then he was courted for a job in another city. He did not take the offer, but in exploring it as an option showed us that we were both ready to make a change.
Step by step we moved toward our dream, toward the life we want to experience. We moved forward even when we didn’t know what the outcome would be. We took large and small risks to continue our forward movement. We said yes to our first trip to Cabo. We said yes to exploring the job in another city. Saying no to either would have delayed or blocked our dream. We supported each other through the unknown and celebrated the unexpected opportunities which came our way.

What is your dream? What is the life you want to experience? What is the one little babystep you can take today to start you down your path?

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"My advice to you is get married: if you find a good wife you'll be happy; if not, you'll become a philosopher."-Socrates (470-399 B.C.)

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